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HEYBURN — Two girls reported Saturday that a man in a silver car tried to abduct them near The Spring Calvary Chapel, 1430 17th St.

The girls, 10 and 11 years old, both said a man in a silver car with dark-tinted windows and three black stripes on the sides across the doors approached them. One of the girls said the man was wearing a black full-face ski mask with little white stripes on it.

The girls told police they were walking on the sidewalk near the church about 8:15 p.m. when the man offered them candy and told them to get in, a police report said. They said no thank you before he exited the vehicle and grabbed them, they told police.

One of the girls said the man grabbed her around the waist with both arms and she screamed to warn the other girl, but the man then grabbed the other girl around the waist with one arm and pushed them into the car.

The other girl said he grabbed both girls by the back of the collar and tried to force them into the car.

Police said the girls weren’t injured.

The girls thought the car was a Ford Mustang, but one girl said she thought it had four doors.

The two gave different descriptions of the man, one saying he was 5’10”, weighing 200 pounds, wearing a brown T-shirt with one sleeve rolled up to the armpit and blue jeans.

The other girl described him as wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt with brown pants. She said in the car he had a bag that contained what she thought was a BB gun with a trigger. She said she saw a red and white box of cigarettes and a clear sandwich bag with a green substance clumped in it.

Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol said there are some inconsistencies between the two girls’ stories, but police will investigate the case.

Bristol said the case remained under investigation on Monday, and there are no suspects. If anyone has any information, they should call the Heyburn Police Station at 208-679-4545.

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