JEROME — The Idaho Attorney General’s Office filed charges Tuesday against former Sheriff Doug McFall.

McFall told the Times-News on Friday that he had not been contacted by the Attorney General’s Office, but heard about the charges when a Boise television station contacted him.

According to court documents obtained by the Times-News through a public records request, the AG’s office claims McFall committed the crimes of aiding and abetting grand theft, a felony; misuse of public moneys, a felony, and petit theft, (two counts) a misdemeanor.

“I’m shocked,” County Commissioner Charlie Howell said late Friday afternoon. Howell had heard rumors, but said he hadn’t taken them seriously.

McFall turned in a letter of resignation in January, saying he was building a home in Twin Falls County and would be moving. He turned in his badge Wednesday.

Spokesman Scott Graf of the AG’s office confirmed in January that McFall was being investigated, but because the investigation was ongoing, Graf was unable to elaborate.

In May, McFall asked county commissioners for an attorney to represent him in an investigation by the AG’s office. County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Seib denied the request, saying the request was “premature,” according to the meeting’s minutes.

McFall denied any wrongdoing.

“Most of it’s just (untrue),” he told the Times-News in late June. “But it looks poorly on your record.”

The investigation began about the time a former employee with the sheriff’s office was accused of taking money intended for undercover drug buys. Former-Lt. Dan Kennedy pleaded guilty to the charge in September.

“Right after the Kennedy deal, the AG’s office got an anonymous complaint,” McFall told the Times-News in early January.

“They had a bunch of questions for me about my travel for the sheriff’s office. I get calls day and night — I’m in my county vehicle all the time.”

McFall began his career in law enforcement in 1984 with the Idaho State Police. He retired in 2008 and ran for sheriff that fall. McFall was re-elected in 2016 to his third term.