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Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol

Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol

Q: I take the exit 173 westbound off-ramp quite a bit and have noticed that drivers will pass vehicles on the right side, where the road has a solid white line, to turn right (north) onto Highway 93. Is that legal or are they illegally passing? – Lidia

A: They are illegally passing as a solid white line can’t be crossed unless directed by an authorized emergency person.

I, too, have watched many drivers pass at that area. That lane is basically a one lane-road and does not have a turn lane which if it did then passing on the right would fine.

The main reason I believe that a turn lane was not created is because it could make turning right very dangerous if a driver turned right when next to a vehicle that he didn’t see.

For drivers taking that exit, remember to follow the pack and then turn right. It could save some money on repairs and court costs, if you know what I mean.

Q: The other day while it was snowing I was stopped for not stopping at a stop sign. I had not seen it because it was covered with snow. Can I fight the ticket I was given based on that fact?—Ernesto

A: You have constitutional right to fight any ticket given to you, so I would say yes you could fight the ticket. You might not like me telling you that it could be time not spent very well though.

If you remember from driver’s education, certain signs are given certain shapes just for that reason. The stop sign is the only sign that is an octagon shape and the reason is so that when it’s covered with snow or whatever else, it is still known to be a stop sign.

You can still fight the ticket and hope that the judge is sympathetic to your plight and dismisses the charge. That would be the most likely way that you could get out of the ticket. It, however, still does not make you less guilty of running the stop sign and thankfully you told me that a crash was not involved.

Officer down

Please put this officer, killed in the line of duty, and his family in your prayers. He fought the good fight, now may he rest in peace. God bless this hero.

  • Police Officer Paul Lazinsky, El Mirage Police, Arizona

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Dan Bristol is the City of Heyburn chief of police.


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