Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol

Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol

I am starting this article out to talk about harassment and maybe once and for all let those out there that claim they are being harassed by the cops know if they really are. I want to share a story involving a disturbing trend I have seen happen on traffic stops.

Officers stopped a vehicle for what somebody had thought was drunk driving because of the way it had been driven. Everything was going routine (like that is normal) until the driver of the car started screaming out of the car that he was being harassed. Now mind you the officer that made the stop had not even made contact with the driver.

Then the fun really hit the fan when the three other passengers in the car joined in with yelling about how they were being harassed. The officer waited and finally had the driver walk to the back of the car due to the excitement created.

Now I will ask the question. Did that sound like harassment by the police to you?

Harassment is defined in the dictionary as “a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose (Black’s law dictionary).”

I should also add that it has to be by a specific person, not a random group, as well.

OK, let’s take a deeper look at this. You have the scene before you. Who is causing the emotional stress? Who is doing something that serves no legitimate purpose? Who is the distress directed at? I know you all know the answer.

Harassment would also have to be done by one officer and not the entire police.

Stereotyping is wrong no matter who you are talking about. That includes race, gender and even working class people.

I just wanted those out there who think that the police are harassing them all the time, to take a better look at what they are crying about. Hopefully now you’ll understand that we are not harassing you, we are looking out for your and everybody else’s safety when we pull you over for violating the law. We stop most (can’t catch them all) people violating the law and that is the only thing that we are looking at.

Officer down

Please put these officers, killed in the line of duty, and their families in your prayers. They fought the good fight, now may they rest in peace. God bless these heroes.

  • Detective Ben Campbell, Maine State Police
  • Deputy Sheriff Spencer Englett, Forsyth County Sheriff, Georgia
  • Sergeant Steve Licon, California Highway Patrol

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Dan Bristol is the City of Heyburn Chief of Police.


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