Canyon Springs Road jogger

Jose Ramirez, 46, enjoys an evening jog Dec. 13, 2016, on Canyon Springs road in Twin Falls. Ramirez said he jogs there a couple times a week because he enjoys the beautiful scenery.

TWIN FALLS – Pedestrians on Canyon Springs Road are at a higher risk of being hurt by rockfall, and should avoid the area, the city said Monday.

Freezing and thawing cycles, combined with moisture along the canyon wall, have caused a series of significant rockfalls, City Manager Travis Rothweiler told the City Council.

“We’re going to discourage pedestrians and bicyclists from utilizing Canyon Springs grade and we’re going to continue to monitor the situation,” Rothweiler said.

Over the past four weeks, road crews have responded to and cleared at least four instances of falling rock. These were sizable enough to have caused an injury were someone present.

Canyon Springs Road will remain open to cars.

The road to Shoshone Falls, however, is closed to both pedestrians and vehicles due to ice.

“To try to remove it is extremely risky,” city spokesman Joshua Palmer said.

Trucks often deice the road going backwards, so the plow could be used as an emergency break, he said. But it is unsafe to do that right now. At least one injury has been reported on the road to Shoshone Falls, and it created an unsafe situation with emergency personnel, Palmer said.

He noted that citizens can still access the viewing area at the top of the grade.

With regards to other city streets, Rothweiler assured the City Council that the city is doing what it can to mitigate potholes.

“There is no real practical or effective way to patch potholes with this much moisture,” he said.

Crews are putting temporary patches in as many areas as they can, he said. As the city faces more than $9 million in road damage this winter, some roads may have to be reconstructed while in others, potholes will be replaced with a more permanent patch when weather permits.

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