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Hamdi Ulukaya visits with Twin Falls Chobani employees in 2016.

TWIN FALLS — Chobani is taking its 10th birthday very seriously, and as a way to say “thank you,” the company wants to give everyone in the U.S. a gift.

The company launched its “One for All” campaign on Monday, and it’ll last until March 4. During this time, Chobani will demand your attention in a big way through television talk shows, radio advertisements, newspaper inserts, stores and social media.

“What do you do when you’re 10 years young? You celebrate,” said Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and commercial officer for Chobani. “We landed on ‘Let’s give everyone in America a free cup of yogurt.’”

The company’s website,, has a coupon that can be printed and brought to any retailer where Chobani is sold. The coupon can be exchanged for a free Chobani product — including Flips and drinks — anytime during the next three weeks.

“It’s the ultimate democratization of yogurt,” McGuinness said. “This is the biggest campaign we’ve ever done.”

Retailers nationwide put more Chobani on the shelf in January, and the company in turn ramped up its production.

“Last week we broke an all-time production record in both plants,” McGuinness told the Times-News on Friday. “This week we did it again, and the campaign hasn’t even started yet.”

The Twin Falls plant extended its hours when needed to gear up for the campaign, and it’s running 24-7. Chobani employs more than 1,000 people in Twin Falls.

McGuinness says that in the coming weeks, it’ll be almost impossible not to see a coupon — and especially in the Magic Valley. Chobani employees will flood stores, armed with hundreds of coupons and wearing shirts that say “Ask me for a free yogurt.”

From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Valentine’s Day (Wednesday), Chobani’s Twin Falls employees will hand out free samples and coupons at the local Walmart.

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Chobani hopes to give away 10 million cups and bottles across the U.S. in three weeks. In certain regions, including Twin Falls, Chobani has released its new “Hint of” product line, which is low in sugar and high in protein, McGuinness said.

“It’s pretty unprecedented to give away this amount of free product,” he said. “It just felt right.”

Chobani has made its mission to provide “better food for more people.” And McGuinness thinks the “One for All” campaign will bring more awareness of yogurt in general. U.S. yogurt consumption is about half of what it is in Europe, he said.

Here are four ways you can get or give a free yogurt while the offer lasts:

  • Go to and print a coupon.
  • Ask an employee. All Chobani employees will receive one full case of yogurt to give away, McGuinness said. They’ll also be supplied with coupons.
  • Ask Alexa. Chobani has built a special Alexa skill/command for Amazon Echo users in the U.S., so all you have to do is say “Hey Alexa. Ask Chobani for a free yogurt.”
  • Pay it forward. When you receive a coupon from Chobani on its website, you can sign up someone else to get one, too.

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