#1. Democratic Republic of the Congo

- Total refugees accepted since 2017: 37,442

--- 2017: 7,883

--- 2018: 12,958 (64.4% increase)

--- 2019: 2,868 (77.9% decrease)

--- 2020: 4,891 (70.5% increase)

--- 2021: 7,810 (59.7% increase)

--- 2022 (as of November 30): 1,032

One of the most complex societal and political situations in the world, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been dealing with various civil wars and pockets of violence since 2003. The continuous fighting and violence, as well as the human rights violations that accompany it, have forced many to flee their country, in search of a better life in the U.S. and other stable nations. Most DRC refugees have settled in New York, Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, and Colorado, while a few others have been resettled in states like North Carolina. The UNHCR estimates that there are more than 920,000 DCR refugees and asylum seekers scattered across the globe.

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