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TWIN FALLS • A new novel by former Times-News city editor Michael C. Sullivan draws on his interest in Native American culture and history.

“Fulfillment — It’s All About Power” is available as an ebook for Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

In 2006, Sullivan drove through Mexico to learn more about ancient Mayan civilization, visiting Mayan ruins en route to Belize, where he lived in the jungle for two months near the Mayan village of San Pedro Columbia. There he discovered that the nearby ruin of the ancient city of Lubaantun was where a crystal skull was allegedly uncovered by the daughter of a British archaeologist in 1924, Sullivan wrote in an email. The artifact, known as the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, supposedly holds mystical powers.

“I went there to do more research on the Mayan calendar and its predictions about the year 2012,” Sullivan wrote in the email. “I had already written and published a nonfiction book about prophecies and end-times scenarios entitled ‘In Search of a Perfect World,’ and I was hoping to come up with more information. But the local Maya are ... more concerned with day-to-day living than prophecies and the Mayan calendar. So, without coming up with new information, I decided to write a mystery/thriller novel focusing on the crystal skull.”

The story centers on a couple who visit the region and find themselves caught up in a strange struggle with U.S. government agents for another crystal skull — reputed to hold the key to free energy.

“I had some interesting experiences in Belize and met some fascinating characters, which I incorporated into the novel,” Sullivan wrote. “As I began writing, I saw similarities between the rise and fall of the Mayan civilization and that of the Ancestral Puebloans, or the Anasazi, of the Four Corners region. So I tied them together.”

Sullivan’s novel can also be downloaded or read electronically for $5 through his website:

Sullivan, city editor of the Times-News from 1985 to 1987, now lives in Sedona, Ariz., and is well into another novel, focusing on the indigenous peoples of the Southwest’s Four Corners region.

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