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Bravo holster

Bravo concealment's new 3.O O.W.B. Holster framed by the firm's excellent pistol/AR mag pouches, pancake-style belt loops and my original torsion I.W.B. holster.

As an outdoor/shooting gear evaluator, I bet that I’ve clipped on close to a dozen different concealed carry holsters over the past few years.

A few have been bad, most have been quite good, but one in particular, stands at the head of the pack as my absolute personal favorite: it’s my Bravo Concealment “Torsion” I.W.B. (inside the waistband) holster.

I’ve been wearing this little beauty almost every day since last spring — with my trusty S&W M&P Shield 9mm onboard.

In my Aug. 30 column, I wrote glowingly of the holster, and honestly my appreciation has only increased with continued use. Today, I’m here to introduce its latest upgraded stablemate, the brand spanking new BCA 3.0 O.W.B. (outside the waistband) model.

It really is a dandy; let me give you some details.


The most fundamental upgrade for the 3.0 was the switch from the use of traditional Kydex polymer to what Bravo engineers say is “a new diversified plastic known to provide an ideal balance of rigidity, impact strength, and hardness to better protect your firearm at all times.”

Personally, I think that this was a great move. After several months of regular unpampered use, my 3.0 still looks factory fresh. It has withstood its share of bumps, knocks and nicks without marring, and has completely protected my Glock from damage.

Another bonus of this new plastic holster is its slick internal surfaces. Drawing and re-holstering is faster and smoother than with my former concealed carry favorite. Additionally, my gun is being spared the obvious holster wear so common with traditional abrasive shells.

Unique structural features

The standout structural feature of the 3.0 is its retention screw. Previously, handgun retention with Bravo holsters was set at the factory and the belt clip/loop screws, which secure the belt attachments to the holster, are used to press and squeeze the holster halves firmly together around the handgun’s trigger guard to create retention.

The problem with this method is that there’s no latitude for adjusting or customizing the holster. The addition of a simple slotted screw enables the end user to adjust his/her handgun’s retention.

For the majority of my carry time I set the retention screw at half-mast. This positively secures my Glock in the holster, but also allows for a fast, smooth draw and re-holster from concealment. But when I go on a hike or for a jog, I increase retention to the max level in order to ensure that my gun doesn’t inadvertently jump from the holster under strenuous activity. Folks, this O.W.B. earn an A+ for active sporting types.

Enhanced comfort/concealability

Like all BC holsters, the 3.0 is molded to minimal proportions. This attribute definitely aids with carry comfort and also minimizes printing of the gun concealed under your garments.

After all, what good is a concealed carry gun, if it doesn’t remain concealed? From my experience with lots of other company’s holsters, BC’s excel in this area.

Traditional BCA features

Pistol ride depth and cant are adjustable with interchangeable traditional 1 1/2 inch nylon belt loops and clips (as well as optional pancake-style loops) designed to accommodate conventional carry belt widths.

Because the needs and conditions faced by concealed carriers vary widely, variety has become the watchword at Bravo. Holsters are gun specific, predominantly right-handed and are offered in full-size, compact and subcompact lengths.

Models are offered for extended barrels, threaded barrel weapons, light-bearing and RVR (ruggedized miniaturized red dot) equipped I.W.B. and O.W.B. variants, and lastly, all BCs are minimally-cut at the top to allow easier access to your handgun’s grip and to provide clearance for the slide-mounted optical sights popular with today’s shooters.

Noteworthy accessories

Accessory-wise, B.C. currently offers a fine line of single and double O.W.B. pistol mag pouches, and a service worthy O.W.B. AR mag pouch. It’s quality stuff.

Incidentally, BCA has just released a new carry belt called the Cinturon. Crafted from scuba webbing nylon with an alloy steel buckle, it promises to be ideal for all-day carry comfort and it’s rigid enough to fully support your holstered handgun without dropping or sagging. I can’t wait to give one a test-run and let you know about it.

Before signing off, I’m honored to mention that Bravo Concealment has risen from a very humble beginning in Alamo, Texas, to become one of the nation’s premier brands. Because this is a company founded by hard-working middle-class Americans who appreciate the value of hard work, initiative and innovation, they back all their products with a limited lifetime warranty, a 30-day risk-free trial, and free shipping.

What’s not to love? Be sure to give them a look-see at and don’t forget: Christmas is coming!

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