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Hunting Photo

Mike Carter took this impressive bull with a muzzleloader while hunting with his son, Cory, from Kimberly.

The middle of October is upon us, and there is snow in the hills. This has started the migration a bit early is some parts of the region. We are also getting a better picture of the number of animals that died off last winter. Here is this week’s Hunting Report:

Antelope: There are still a few antelope hunters out there trying to fill their tags. The southern units of 54 and 46 are still producing some decent bucks, but overall not seeing a lot of really big bucks being taken this year.

Deer: As I stated in the opening of this week’s column, the first few storms up north have started the deer migration from the northern units down to the desert. Large numbers of deer are moving from units 43, 44, 48 and 49 down into units 45 and 46, as well as the areas below Carey. Farmers are also beginning to cut the corn, which will help in getting the deer to move around. Hunters are reporting that it is difficult to find bucks in units 48, 49, and 50.

Elk: We’re seeing similar difficulties for elk numbers in the northern units, where hunters are struggling this year to find bulls. Hunters in the southern units are faring a bit better, in units 54 and 47. Hunters in unit 55, 56, and 57 are not seeing the numbers they usually do. Elk are also moving out onto the desert into unit 46 much earlier than usual. I have heard that our winter is supposed to be as bad, if not worse, than last year, and the behavior of our wildlife seems to support that.

I am hoping for a milder winter. Our deer and elk could use it after the harsh winter last year.

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Jeff Frost owns Intermountain Taxidermy and Worldwide Adventures in Twin Falls.


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