My dog Shelby is one picky pug.

When we first got her from a rescue organization in 2010, she came with specific feeding instructions from her former owners:three types of food, blended together and topped off with gravy for her daily dinners. For a treat, she likes steamed organic broccoli with butter, the note claimed.

The regimen lasted one day — Shelby wouldn’t eat anything but the gravy. Fed up, Itransitioned her to the same food we feed our other dog. She soon learned it was the only food she would get and now eats heartily.

But her finnicky tastes transitioned to treats. Shelby turns up her pug nose at baked treats from the store, human food dropped on the ground and rawhide chewies. Usually, Montana, our other dog, snags what she leaves behind.

But we finally found something Shelby likes. We got a chicken jerky sample from TheKoddled Kritter at the TwinFalls Farmers Market, and Shelby went nuts. We bought five bags.

And Montana?He eats the local jerky but still prefers baked treats. We’ve resorted to getting different snacks for the two dogs.

Yes, those are paw prints on my shirt from my dogs walking all over me.