How smart is Shepherd? He comes when you call. Knows his name. Sits on command. Takes treats gently from your hand. He even prefers to go potty outside. What more could you ask of a dog? At seven years of age, Shepherd is full grown at 50 pounds. His tuxedo-style black coat with white markings and great big smile make him make him quite the handsome man. Shepherd will love and adore you, but other dogs? Not so much. His loyalty mostly extends to his family and he thinks of himself as your protector. Therefore, he would do well with an experienced owner with no other dogs. He would love an active family who will include them in their activities. He will encourage you to exercise by taking him for long walks or jogs, or even lots of toys and playtime in a big back yard. • To adopt, apply in person at HSMO’s Macklind Ave. Headquarters in St. Louis City. Hours and directions at


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