TWIN FALLS — The change of seasons brings a breath of fresh air.

Everything feels alive again. The First United Methodist Church of Twin Falls hopes to convey that feeling by celebrating Easter and Earth Day together. The themes of the holidays mirror each other, said the Rev. Buddy Gharring, the pastor at First United Methodist Church of Twin Falls.

The church will hold a sunrise celebration with music, standing yoga and meditation on Easter morning at Shoshone Falls Park.

“We want to reconnect with our bodies and breath,” Gharring said.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ wards will have different celebrations but the theme is always the same, said Ray Parrish, the church’s regional director of public affairs.

“Every ward will have different sermons but the lesson is the same,” Parrish said. “We remind people how real Jesus is and how real his impact is in our lives.”

Lent, the 40-day penance between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday, serves as a build-up to Easter. It’s a quiet time of reflection where observers avoid indulgences.

“Be hungry so you know you exist,” said Joseph Lustig, the priest at St. Edward’s Catholic Church.

Easter serves as a breath of fresh air after the sacrifices of Lent.

“There’s this rhythm we find in Jesus that reflects in nature,” Gharring said. “Death and resurrection. We don’t panic in the fall because we know the weather will improve. Even when things are falling apart we know that Spring will come.”

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