For the past month the attention of the nation has been re-awakened to issue of human life.

Ever since 1973, the biblical church has been talking about the great sin of the nation. The problem has been that we talk, sleep, talk, sleep. This cycle will continue unless we repent of our general apathy toward the holy things of God.

Obviously, the political party many had hoped to reverse the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade has been a false place to hope. Since 1973, many churches that would have been historically opposed to murdering of children in the womb are no longer advocates for God or speak His truth.

The prophet Habakkuk, in the Bible, proclaimed that the report of God brought about a profound fear, a respectful fear of God. A fear that leaves the observer struck by the splendor of what he beholds. This kind of beholding does not elevate man to a state of godhood, this kind of beholding does not leave a man’s conscience at peace with the gross sins he has committed against this holy God, this kind of beholding brings that man to his knees, humbled and without defense.

What will he do?

Habakkuk’s response was a plea to Holy God to remember mercy in His wrath.

If the pulpits in the city would return to their duty and report to the worshippers about God, if the worshippers at the church house would demand their preacher preach rather than give easy words to their otherwise sleepy eyes, if the people of God would humble themselves before their holy God, repair the prayer room from its current jungle-gym-like atmosphere and pray, once again seek the face of God and not be so easily impressed with their “tip of the hat” practice of religion, reader, turn from the wicked sins that so easily entangles you and hinders your hunger and thirst for righteousness, in other words, repent; then might we see in our day a holy movement of God across the city, the valley, the nation?

Our nation is talking about human life again. May those at the statehouse hear from an awakened redeemed people who love the things God loves. Life.

God’s love is deeper and wider and higher and stronger than even I can comprehend. His love is richer and shocking and glorious and brighter than any one can comprehend.

Yet He bids us, come.

When a people behold this God, the God of the Holy Bible alone, it will generate the response of Habakkuk and cause the beholder to plead for mercy in wrath.

Preacher, don’t give a false report to the people of God. Give a biblically accurate account of the glory of God this Lord’s Day. God’s people will gather to hear the report of God not some placated silly appeasement to the flesh of men. God’s people want to hear from God

Reader, to the house of prayer! Once there, behold God! Not your manmade useless idol of a god, the Creator God who holds all things. Be captivated by Him!

May God give His people mercy in the day of wrath.

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Rev. Paul Thompson is the preaching pastor at Eastside Baptist Church, 204 Eastland Drive N., Twin Falls, which gathers at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sundays. For more information email paul@esbcTwinFalls.com or go to esbcTwinFalls.com.


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