On Thursday, May 2, I gathered at the Twin Falls City Park with believers of the Almighty God, Yahweh, the Living God of the Bible to pray. It was a blessed event to share with citizens who call upon the name of the Lord and pray in the name of Jesus the Christ.

Following is my prayer of repentance based upon prayers in the Bible from Matthew, Daniel, Lamentations, and Romans.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, honored is your name. How mighty are your wonders! Whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and whose dominion is from generation to generation,

Look at us Almighty Yahweh, see our selfishness, our pride, our unbelief, the root of all our sins; our personal sins, our corporate sins, our communal sins, and our national sins, they are without question of the arrogant – God hating – kinds of sins. See our reproach. Open our eyes that we may see them too. Be kind to let us see we have sinned against you.

It is to you alone we bend our knee. There is none other worthy. No false god, no image made by man’s hand or imagined in man’s mind can be equal to you, the Great and Fearful God; the covenant keeping, enemy pursuing soul redeeming Almighty God. Have mercy upon us as we cry out to you today. Hear our prayer.

We have sinned against you, we have committed iniquity against you, we have acted wickedly and have rebelled against You, Your commandments and Your ordinances that were given for our good.

In our homes, we have neglected to teach our children your ways. We have given the minds of our children to be shaped by and evil entertainment industry.

Husbands rarely love their wives like Christ loves the church. Wives have rebelled against your structured order. Fathers have become passive. Mothers have abandoned their children to the state.

Righteousness belongs to you alone and open shame belongs to us. We have sinned against you.

In our churches we have abandoned the ancient paths; the paths rich with Biblical depth, lit by that illuminating lamp if Scripture. We are no longer seen by our community as a buttress—pillars—of truth. We are better known in our community as weak entertainers at best.

Pastors more fear men than you today. Your people have no loyalty to the local fellowships and move from house to house, even welcoming false gospels and promoting other gods as equal to you. Give us a revived pulpit where the power of heaven comes down like a hammer, Revive the pulpit in our city.

In our city we embrace, by our silence, the abomination of all seual sins. In many cases the adultery, fornication, and sexual perversions are practiced among those who claim your grace as those who want nothing to do with You.

We have, in our silence, done as much to advance the murdering of babies in the womb as those who have or perform abortions. Then intentional act of stopping live births for the sake of comfort is practiced unchallenged in our city. This blood is on our hands here. Blame is not removed from a complicit community. This open shame is on me, it is on us, we have sinned against You!

It is your kindness that leads us to repentance. How is it that we would rebel against Your kindness. Give us an appetite for holiness again, a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Give us joy to obey your commands today. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear what the Spirit says to the church.

Now, O God, raise up a humble people in this city who love Your mercy and justice according to You and Your commandments.

We once were a people who loved disobedience, we once were a people who were not Your people, now, because of your great mercy, we long to be a generation who will not bow to another. According to You and Your righteous acts, have mercy upon this city, upon Your church, upon our homes, and upon our lives. May Your face shine upon our day for Your glory.

Bless the city of Twin Falls with repentance birthed in belief that You alone are God.

In Jesus’ name, the name above all others, Amen.

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Pastor Paul Thompson is the preaching pastor at Eastside Baptist Church, 204 Eastland Drive N., Twin Falls. The congregation gathers at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. every Sunday. For more information, go to esbcTwinFalls.com.


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