If the trend does not end soon, a generation of American children will hear their mothers and grandmothers speak of a time when only girls competed in girls sports.

It appears this generation is in that transition right now; no pun intended.

This discussion has more to do with theology than most want to admit: “God created them male and female.”

To say this does not negate or minimize the real struggle that exists in the minds of some children. When any generation is allowed to live out their sinful cravings, and for that generation to be embraced by a culture that is perverse and wicked complicating the issue in the eyes of a generation who no longer fears God, one will eventually live in a culture with an invited god who is weak and pitiful.

According to transathlete.com (the very fact that there is a website like this is an indication of how far we have fallen as a nation) there are only six states that have no “trans athlete” policy to govern their high school athletic association. That does not mean that boys wanting to compete as girls can’t run the girls 100. It just means there is no policy governing that attempt.

There are only 9 states (Including Idaho) that, according to transathlete.com, “discriminate,” in other words, make if extremely difficult for a boy to win the girls mile state championship. Make no mistake, transathlete.com wants the reader to hear that word, “discriminate.”

This use of the word “discriminate” is intentional.

This makes the state of Idaho as the only state west of the Rockies and one of five states west of the Mississippi, to “discriminate” against trans athletes.

This does not mean that a boy who wants to compete in the girls long jump can’t do so, it just means he has to adhere to a rigid criteria in order to do so. The state of Texas holds the most strict policy requiring, get this, all athletes to compete according to birth certificates. (Since 2018, Idaho residents can now change the gender of their birth on their birth certificates.)

The pressure to comply will only intensify. When every state in the region has fully adopted “inclusive” policies, it is only a matter of time before the hatred for God’s creation will be emotionally charged to attack girls and women more and more.

Where are the men in our communities who will stand up for God and defend our girls and women? The girls softball team is no place for a confused boy to be called a hero.

“God created them male and female” (Genesis 5:2).

Rise up, O men of God. Rise up.

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The Rev. Paul Thompson is the preaching pastor at Eastside Baptist Church, 204 Eastland Drive N., Twin Falls. The congregation gathers weekly at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sundays. For more information, email paul@esbctwinfalls.com or go to esbcTwinFalls.com.


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