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Pastor Paul Thompson


“To the law and to the testimony!” Isaiah 8:20. The Old Testament evangelist Isaiah instructed the Lord’s people to get direction in life from the revelation of God through his law and testimony. That command is as good today as it was in Isaiah’s day.

To the instruction and to the testimony! There are many influences competing for our attention. All the more reason we must look eagerly for Christ in a reliable place — the Bible and the Bible alone.

These many influences are swaying us to consult them. They sometimes whisper; they may sing; they may shout; they may laugh their way in, but one thing is consistent — regardless of how they attempt to get our attention, they mumble and mutter so we don’t fully understand what they are attempting to do. The child of God will not knowingly turn a deaf ear to God permanently.

The influences we give permission into our lives are the ones that will eventually begin to drive our life. If there is no light in the influence, then it is sure that it will drive us with an unsatisfied hunger for more darkness, Romans 1.

No, follower of Christ, to the law (instructions) and to the testimony!

If you notice a growing dislike of godliness and an interest in not loving God, then there is reason to examine who you are letting influence you today. Rather, consult the oracles of God and resist consulting the wizards of foolishness. Intend to make good use of your Bible.

Here are a few things I recommend to the follower of Christ — as defined by the Bible only — in how to live a disciplined life in this world.

Make use of your Bible:

  • Read your Bible daily.
  • Read and study your Bible in community with other believers.
  • Pray before and after you read your Bible.
  • Speak according to the Bible.
  • Do according to the Bible.
  • Make this Bible your only standard.
  • Conform to the precepts of the Bible.
  • Take counsel from the Bible.
  • Let the Bible illuminate your path.
  • Let the Bible examine your heart.
  • Be nourished by the Bible.
  • Be healed by the Bible.
  • Define holiness by the Bible.
  • Define joy by the Bible.
  • Be satisfied with God.

Many Christians today are better equipped to man a bouncy house or a cotton candy machine when we need to be more faithful in the disciplines of prayer, evangelism and reading our Bibles. Put down your silliness, church. Rise up and be the church today.

To your instruction and the testimony!

Paul Thompson is the pastor of the Eastside Southern Baptist Church, 204 Eastland Drive N., Twin Falls.


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