I trust you all had a blessed Father’s Day celebration with friends and family. Father’s Day is a great day to honor fathers. The role of a godly father in the home is imperative for the physical and spiritual success of the family. God designed it that way, planning each role within the family to function in its unique way in order for its members to be a blessing to each other and as a unit to the world.

Preserving these roles, let alone the faith, has become an outright war. Satan and his minions have launched an all-out assault on God’s truth and His people. It is a daily battle. Men, there are attacks from the outside into your homes which challenge you to know the truth as well as to live it out. Don’t fall asleep on your watch. You will be held accountable. Just think of the massive media venues your children and wife are inundated by. The world wants them to veer from God’s truth, because it abhors the truth. The prince of this world has his own agenda. The world’s motto is, “Do whatever is right in your own eyes.” Husbands and fathers, don’t get sucked into its massive sewage pond. Instead, stand up and contend for the faith. Be on guard. Set your mind and heart on helping your family to see the evils of the day and guide them to God’s Word. The primary duty of a father is not what one little boy said: “The primary duty of my dad is to take out the trash.” It is a sad statement if that is all your kids see your role being. The primary duty of a father is not to bring home the proverbial “bacon”. It is not even to fix what is broken. The primary role of a father is to teach the Scriptures and live a holy life before his family.

You are to function in your God-given role and thus be a blessing to God and your family. The consequences of being a couch-potato dad are enormous. Your sin and failure to keep sin out of your home may have a devastating impact even on future generations. Fathers, let me say it this way. You are a living example of what your kids will become in the near future. Take a heart check. Look in the spiritual mirror. Do you want your children to be what you see now? If so, praise the Lord. If not, humble yourself and get into the fight. You are in a battle for the hearts and souls of your family. It is that plain and simple. You must play an active role, engaging daily in the war for your family’s spiritual wellbeing.

Jude 3 reads, “Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” The word for “contend earnestly” is a compound verb, and it stresses the need to defend the truth continually, with all vigor. It means to exercise great exertion for something of tremendous value. What is it that Jude wants us to exert great effort in? It is the faith; that which was once for all delivered to the saints. Simply put, men, we are to teach the faith and, in turn, live it out. It is a simple command.

“Faith” here speaks to Christianity, which has at its very center Jesus Christ and His gospel. This faith is totally objective truth. It is not open for debate. It is the faith, which was given to the saints. No one discovered or invented it, but it was given to us by God Himself. This faith for which we are to contend has come to us by the Holy Spirit through the very words of God. Men, we don’t take attacks against the gospel of Jesus Christ lying down. We stand and fight, and we use God’s Word to shape and mold our own hearts as well as our families’ hearts. We must look to God’s truth to dictate our beliefs and how we teach our families. The curriculum you use to teach your families must be the living and breathing Word of God. It is a joy to teach it to our families. We fulfill our role by first delighting in God and then leading our families to delight in Him.

A solid Christology is central to your teaching. You must get the person and work of Jesus Christ right. If you were to take time to study all the cults that Satan has employed, you would find that there is in each one a tweaking of the person and work of Jesus Christ that makes them go astray. You need to teach your families the importance of Jesus Christ. Teach them the significance of His coming. Teach them the fact that He is God. Teach them that all that He has commanded us to do. And then take what you know and live it out. Your Christian life in front of your family either authenticates the genuineness of Christ or not. Men, it will be your actions that solidify the teaching of the faith in your children’s hearts. Scripture tells us to be doers of the Word. The fastest way to create a Pharisees or a legalistic child in the faith is to be a man who just speaks about the truth and doesn’t live it. Your obedience will be a great influence in the lives of your children. Your children will mimic your expressions and your desires. So, check your heart and see if it lines up with the things of God. Be so bold as to live for Christ in all areas of your life. STAND UP AND CONTEND FOR THE FAITH!

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