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Evangelicals have historically instructed children with a systematic catechism, a method of teaching that involves asking prescribed questions with answers based on biblical support. The catechism was designed primarily to aid the parents with teaching their children. This use of the catechism in the home with children is rooted in Scripture and practiced throughout the ages and around the world.

Like many others, I’m convinced that the use of a helpful catechism in the home will be a safety net against the growing errors that are facing us today.

Evangelicals usually compile this teaching manual from the Westminster Assembly, Puritan and Baptist Catechisms. It is important to use these questions properly with biblical answers to instruct what the Bible primarily teaches about God, His nature and attributes. I’m convinced that those who use the catechism in their homes must give serious attention to especially explain the meaning. It is important to learn this by memory as it will be understood and remembered better as the years go by.

At Eastside, pastors/elders encourage the use of this style of instruction to be practiced in all homes. The format of questions and answers is to encourage all to learn to ask good questions and give Biblical answers to increase in Biblical theology. A good catechism helps one to read the Bible theologically.

If we are to endure to the end as strong as when we began, we must all become better theologians. We compile these questions from other historic catechisms to give greatest clarity to the deep things of God.

It is my encouragement to the reader to make use of a catechism with children and grandchildren. This can be done differently with children of different ages.

It is important that we understand our children are able to learn much more than we think they can. We expect them to learn difficult math, old literature and complex science. Why should we expect less of them when it comes to the most important thing, God? There is no need to dumb down God because we think it is too difficult for children to learn. Be a blessing to your children and expect these good things of them.

May the Lord bless His name among us. May the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, as described by the Holy Bible alone, cause us to increase in the fear of God. May God Almighty make known to us the path of life and teach us to increasingly rest in His presence knowing that all joy and pleasures are in Him forever. This is the prayer of loving pastors throughout the city and the valley.

If you are unaware of a biblical catechism, ask your pastor for information on one of these historic and biblically strong catechisms to use with your children and grandchildren. I’m sure they would be pleased to lead you in the right direction.

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Paul Thompson is the preaching pastor at Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho. Eastside Baptist Church gathers on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.


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