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Letter to the Editor: Trump Should Bear the Consequences

Letter to the Editor: Trump Should Bear the Consequences

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Trump Should Bear the Consequences

With McCarthy attacking Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney for being “Pelosi Republicans,” I would say the comment suggests anyone in the Republican party that has any integrity remaining and the ability to tell the truth becomes vilified and a target of suppression (following Trumpism), because they will probably say what happened on Jan. 6 is not acceptable.

And shouldn’t that be obvious? How have we as a nation been so uprooted from reality and basic concepts of decency that a lawless riot and attack on the Capitol building, the people occupying it, and the democratic process would not be deemed reprehensible, unacceptable and contrary to democratic precepts? It’s not as if a solid evidence base is not available to substantiate the occurrence of events on that sickening day in our history, for there are hours and hours of video that verifies what happened. (No Mr. Trump the rioters were not hugging and kissing the Capitol police.)

Defending lies and evil malicious intentions that are obvious does nothing to strengthen the Republican party, or our country. A good part of our nation has lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, demonstrated by the downplaying and even embracing of a coup attempt.

It’s as if the shameless “mob boss” Trump continues to rule his minions by fear, belittling and shaming. I can’t understand why Trump holds such power over his followers, which allows the creation of a false reality that flies in the face of substantiated facts. As has been said by many, we are definitely close to losing our democracy if Trumpism continues to influence our political system. It is time for Trump and his followers to have to take responsibility for the blood-stained attack on our democracy, and hopefully serve some jail time.

Greg Hegman

Twin Falls


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