About "El Nuevo Jerome"

These stories are the last installment in "El Nuevo Jerome," a four-part series exploring Jerome’s cultural, political and economic shifts as the city attracts a rapidly growing Hispanic population.

Times-News government reporter Nathan Brown and education reporter Julie Wootton are devoting six months to the special reporting project, led by Enterprise Editor Virginia Hutchins.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The Times-News thanks volunteer interpreters Raquel Arenz, Deyanira Escalona, Eduardo Maciel, Cesar Perez and Melyssa Perez, who assisted reporters with this project.

Stoney Ridge

The new face of Jerome is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the city’s Stoney Ridge subdivision, where many of the freshly built houses are occupied by Jerome’s first-generation immigrants.

Along 21st and 22nd Avenues East, between Tiger Drive and Fillmore Street in northeast Jerome, most — but not all — of the residents are Hispanic. When men work on a Ford in someone’s driveway or children play in front yard pools, they’re likely to speak Spanish.

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