Gov. Otter’s Nuclear Commission is promoting the idea of importing more homeless nuclear waste, and it claims cleanup promises have been kept. I will provide quotes from the court ruling that prove Butch and the past governors are simply lying when they claim to the publicIdaho won the infamous “all means all” lawsuit. The judge said Idaho decided to agree to leave most plutonium buried! Idaho agreed new projects could bury more plutonium onsite! All never meant all, and Govs. Otter, Andrus, Batt and Kempthorne know it!

Otter uses your taxes for the State Nuclear Oversite team to orchestrate false pro-nuclear media stories, like the April 27, 2012, Times-News. That “news story” wrote “INL has constantly followed through on its promises, said Susan Burke, INL coordinator for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.”

Wow,blatant rewriting of history is usually just in North Korea-type places.Does Otter hope you’veforgotten about the Clinton-esque court case with Idaho National Lab over the definition of the word “all”? Butch silently signed a settlement to leave 90 percent of the plutonium buried, but he still claims we won the “all means all” lawsuit! It is treason to lie to Idaho families about protecting their water when Butch decided to allow contamination of your water. I will also quote the real cleanup plan wording that admits the cap will fail and allow flooding to reach the plutonium! Funny how State Oversite calls that keeping a promise!

In arriving at the definition of transuranic waste, the State sought repeatedly to include alpha low-level waste in the definition. Idaho was particularly concerned about alpha low-level waste being removed because of future projects proposed by DOE at INEL which had the potential for alpha low-level waste to be stored at INEL permanently... Late in the negotiations, the State ceded the point and alpha low-level waste was taken out of the final definition thereby removing any obligation upon the United States to remove alpha lowlevel waste from


“Objectives and goals are so formulated because completely “preventing any water from reaching the waste zone” is neither necessary nor achievable over time.”

Here is their own waste expert admitting plutonium always moves more than expected with water, Dr. Soderholm: “For almost half a century, scientists have struggled with plutonium contamination spreading further in groundwater than expected, increasing the risk of sickness in humans and animals.”

So why is Otter and his Oversite team calling this keeping a promise? Demanding the full cleanup promised would bring $13 billion in Idaho jobs. Idaho is a wasteland to DOE and politicians.

Peter Rickards is a Twin Falls podiatrist.

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