The process of publishing a daily newspaper is truly remarkable when you look at all the work and coordination it requires from staff with many different skill sets within the company, and the whole process is driven by a strict set of deadlines that reset once each edition hits the streets.

Publisher Matt Sandberg

Matt Sandberg, Times-News and Elko Daily Free Press Publisher

The attention to detail and the commitment by each member of our team results in the amazing feat of producing a brand new tangible product every day. If you think of the hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of content, advertising and information in each edition, it truly is a daily miracle to look at what we produce.

We rely on collecting this information from numerous resources across our market, whether news sources or our advertising partners, to accurately share what the community has told us is important to them.

When you look closely at every role in our operation, it’s clear that each one depends on cooperation and coordination from multiple departments.

In advertising, this means gathering information from our partners and working with our design teams, finance teams, layout teams and many more to ensure that every advertisement is built, run and billed correctly. In the newsroom, it means incorporating information from our stories and working with page design teams to polish each news and feature article in terms of both content and layout.

Once the content is ready, the great hand-off begins. The skilled pressroom staff work hard to ensure the press is running optimally to get each paper printed. The product is then packaged by the mailroom with inserts and bundled for circulation. From there, the multitude of carriers we work with make sure each copy gets delivered on time, covering hundreds of square miles each day.

—Matt Sandberg, Times-News and Elko Daily Free Press Publisher

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