Why sign in with Facebook?

Logging in with Facebook saves you time.

Register at new sites in just a few clicks - no need to re-enter your information or remember extra usernames and passwords.

Frequently asked questions about using Facebook to sign In

Q: What is "Connect with Facebook?"
A: Connect with Facebook allows our digital products to use Facebook's login system. Instead of creating a new account on our site, everything is done automatically using your existing Facebook login with just a couple of clicks.
Q: If I sign in using Facebook, will my friends see what I am reading?
A: No. By signing in with Facebook, you are simply using your existing Facebook account to register on our website. We are not posting your activities or tracking your actions.
Q: If I have signed in using Facebook, and I comment on a story on this site, will the comment be posted on Facebook.com too?
A: When you submit a comment, it will also appear on Facebook, only if you leave the "Post my comment to my Facebook profile" box checked.
Q: Why does Magicvalley.com ask me for access to my public profile, friend list and email address?
A: Let’s go through each of these Facebook permissions so you can better understand what they are, why we ask for them and how we intend to use them.
First and most important, we will not post to your Facebook feed/profile without your explicit consent.
Connecting with Facebook requires:

Your basic information – This is the default permission that all apps on Facebook require. It provides us basic information like your name and profile photo. We are not accessing or requesting your other personal information, such as status updates, wall posts, interests, check-ins and current location. This allows you to create an account on Magicvalley.com without having to fill in as many fields as our form would require otherwise.

Your email address – Is a field we require for registering a new user account on our website, and for the setting of a password as well. In the event that we need to communicate important information to you, we need a way to get in touch.

Your friend list – Allows you to get more social with your friends by sharing and commenting on our digital content.