Cheesy, meaty, melty goodness — all wrapped in a warm tortilla. South-central Idaho is blessed with an abundance of burritos. Everyone has their favorite, but which is truly the most-loved burrito in our eight-county region?

To find out, we scoured the map from Sun Valley to southern Twin Falls County, and from Bliss to Burley. We found 64 restaurants that have a burrito on their menu.

To build the bracket, we assigned each restaurant a number then generated two random number lists and paired them up against each other.

To vote, go to

Each week we'll see who wins from each pairing and a new round of voting will start.

Voting on the second round will begin March 14. The Sweet 16 on March 21, Elite Eight on March 28, Final Four on April 4, and voting on the championship final two burritos will start on April 11. The winner will be presented a trophy and bragging rights for years to come.

So grab your popcorn — or rather, your salsa — and help your favorite burrito survive and advance.