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Archie Teater western art.

HAGERMAN — Archie “Teton” Teater died in 1978. Today he is kept alive with his magnificent paintings that offer detailed pictures of the place he called home.

The Hagerman Valley Historical Society is having a fundraiser tour through the acclaimed artist’s studio, which is also the only building in Idaho designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Society director Jan Lemcke said it’s an opportunity to view Teater’s varied work.

The money raised by the fundraiser will go to building a new museum in Hagerman. Lemcke said the current museum will also be renovated because it needs more room and it needs to be handicap accessible. The renovations will include creating a section dedicated to the society’s large collection of Teater’s art.

“For such a little teeny-tiny town we have amazing history,” Lemcke said. “I always find out something I didn’t know before.”

Teater was born in 1901 in Boise and was raised in Hagerman. He is remembered for his landscape work, particularly his paintings of the Grand Tetons. Lemcke said that his portrait work was underrated.

This is the only building in Idaho designed by prolific architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Lemcke said. The building is an elaborate one-room structure that is like a parallelogram following an intricate diamond grid pattern. It is high above the Snake River in the Hagerman Valley; Wright was known for finding a balance between environment and man-made structures.

Hagerman Historical Society board member Darlene Nemnick said the owner of the studio, Henry Whiting, and Archie Teater collector Lester Taylor will be available for questions during the tour.

Food will be provided with the tour, she said.

“For me, the combination of an Idaho artist and a world-renowned architect is incredible,” Nemnick said. “It’s a beautiful little oasis.”

Tours take place at 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. June 15. Check-in is at the Hagerman Valley Senior Center, 140 E Lake St., Hagerman. Transportation for the tours will be provided by the Hagerman Senior Center.

Tickets can be purchased the day of the tour but reservations are recommended. Tickets can be purchased at hagermanmuseum.org. Tickets are $75 for the general public and $65 for members of Hagerman Valley Historical Society.

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