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Silas Thompson's "High Desert End" is in the Art and Soul 2019 oil category.

TWIN FALLS — The 2019 Art & Soul contest has seen a large influx of participants, reaching over 320 artists. This is Silas Thompson’s fifth time as a participant in Art & Soul.

He hopes to evoke contemplation and create the illusion of solitude. His oil painting “High Desert End” is on display at Rudy’s — A Cook’s Paradise, 147 Main Ave. W.

The Times-News got the chance to ask him some questions about his background in art and the origin of “High Desert End.”

Times-News: What’s your background in art?

Silas Thompson: I grew up drawing any chance I could get a pencil and some paper. After school, college and marriage, I was offered two apprenticeships that lasted about 5 years combined. That is where I developed an understanding of many of the principles and sciences of art. I now paint full time out of my Twin Falls studio.

T-N: What went into making “High Desert End”?

Thompson: “High Desert End” was a really enjoyable painting that was an attempt at portraying a piece of home for me. The process was maybe a little different than typical for me as it was a slower painting that had a lot of push and pull as to what the final piece was to be about. Capturing the end of the day in Southern Idaho high desert.

T-N: What was your inspiration for the piece?

Thompson: I may have included that in the last answer somewhat, but it was the setting out on annual backpacking trips with my dad where I really began to treasure the distinct birthmarks and icons of beautiful rivers, valleys and mountains that carve through the high desert and vast farmlands of the West. My desire to create work that evokes a memory continues to be a driving force to push me to be innovative and to look for new ways to create the illusion of solidity, time, and emotion. However, it is the distinctly imputed beauty in creation that points me constantly to God for continued inspiration.

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