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"The Book of Hot" is available for purchase Feb. 14, 2019.

“The Book of Hot: A Manifesto”

By Mrs. Hot (Laurel Sturt)

Published by Written Warrior Press

As an entertainment writer, I receive an inordinate number of books to read. A book really has to stand out to get my attention.

I was checking my emails one day when I saw a press release for an upcoming memoir “The Book of Hot: A Manifesto.” The author, Mrs. Hot, explores her sexual awakening at an older age and the self-love that she gained through her journey. She described her work as a self-help book for Baby Boomers.

This was unlike most of the books I receive. I felt that I had to check it out. It seemed fitting since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Mrs. Hot, the alias of Laurel Sturt, is frank and funny in her writing. She is open, probably too open with some of the details. Sturt, a fashion designer turned teacher turned self-published author, compares herself to Samantha from “Sex and the City,” which seems appropriate. If you are a fan of the HBO series this book will probably be right up your alley. She captures the lust and humor of that show; it almost feels like an extension of it.

“I am Mrs. Hot, she just comes from a place without rules,” Sturt said in an interview with The Times-News.

“The Book of Hot” is split into two sections — the first part explores Sturt’s journey of self-love; it reads like a motivational book. She details crawling out of her depression after her husband left her, hitting the gym and discovering admiration for herself. But don’t let the self-care fool you, this is very much a book fueled by eroticism.

“The reason youth is youth is because they think of the future,” Sturt said. “The reason people get old is because they don’t think they have a future.”

The second half of the book is more akin to a Harlequin romance novel with each chapter detailing a different romantic encounter. Sturt goes in-depth about every conquest she has; her writing captures the excitement of new love but also leans a bit into the campy side. There were more than a few times I found myself shouting “Too much information.”

In my reading, I discovered how much of a prude I am. So, full disclosure, this book can be graphic. It’s not the kind of book you would want to be caught reading during a Sunday in the park. The jokes can feel a little forced at times and the eroticism can be embarrassing at other times, but the book has a wonderful can-do attitude that is infectious.

If you are hoping to capture some of the excitement of discovering yourself and the fun of enjoying someone’s company, you can do worse than “The Book of Hot.” If you are a prude, you might want to look elsewhere.

“The Book of Hot: A Manifesto” is available on Amazon.

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