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TGTG band partakes in Neighborhood Sounds project

TGTG band couple Tomas Gorrio and Rebecca Trevathan have been on the road for over two years playing in 36 states and parts of Canada. They play Friday in Twin Falls.

TWIN FALLS — The duo of Tomás Gorrio & The Gylestial, stylized as TGTG, have been on the road together for two years and two months.

And the tour is just getting started.

Vocalist and guitarist for TGTG, Tomás Gorrio, was in a band that was getting ever closer to their time in the limelight. The producer had one problem with the band: Gorrio’s energetic stage presence. He decided to tone his performance down so he and his bandmates had a shot at success. The band went on tour and Gorrio felt like he was compromising his artistic expression to be a marketable performer.

TGTG band partakes in Neighborhood Sounds project

TGTG band member Rebecca Trevathan in the band's VW bus. They plan in Twin Falls on Friday.

Gorrio left the band and started a relationship with TGTG bassist Becca Trevathan. The two decided to go on tour together. The duo called it their Positive Energy World Tour. They didn’t know when it would end and have been on the road ever since.

Now, they book shows months in advance and stay in each town for a week so they can get familiar with the people.

“I would rather live out of a car and do my own thing than pretend to be something I’m not,” Gorrio said.

TGTG has an eclectic style. Their music is a combination of punk-rock, Spanish rhythms and indie pop. Gorrio writes all of the lyrics. His voice is unrefined, which makes the energy of the songs come through with the occasional voice crack.

“On stage, you have nothing but heart,” Gorrio said.

This isn’t the first time that TGTG has been to Twin Falls. They performed at Twin Beans Coffee by contacting local musician Jordan Thornquest. This time TGTG is in Twin Falls because of Thorquest’s new project to expand Twin Falls music scene.

TGTG band partakes in Neighborhood Sounds project

TGTG band couple Tomas Gorrio (left) and Rebecca Trevathan talk about their interests and travel. The band plays Friday in Twin Falls.

“The desire for me is to build more music in Twin Falls,” Thornquest said. “More visiting bands help raise that excitement.”

This endeavor is a part of Thornquest, Eli Stonemets and Chase Chandler’s project, Neighborhood Sounds. The goal of the project is to give musicians the resource to share their music with their local scene, as well as try to bring touring artists to Twin Falls. Thornquest said that they want to establish concerts where there isn't pressure to sell tickets.

“Your favorite band was a local band at one point,” Thornquest said.

Thornquest is building relationships with business owners on Main Avenue to find more venues. Thornquest wanted a space where the music was the main focus of the event.

TGTG band partakes in Neighborhood Sounds project

Nomadic Couple traveling the world TGTG band is playing around Twin Falls this week.

He wanted small- to medium-sized venues with an option for all-ages shows., and he looked to Salt Lake City’s Kilby Court for inspiration. He decided on Main Avenue Plaza but continues to look at more downtown options.

Ooh La La!, a store in Main Avenue Plaza, will host the show. Owner Liyah Babayan said there is a perception that Twin Falls doesn’t have a music scene, but that’s because it isn’t well nurtured.

“Local artists are the soundtrack for a town,” Babayan said. “People need to support the soundtrack of Twin Falls.”


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