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After weeks of battle, the final two burritos have been revealed for the Magic Valley’s Burrito Bracket. Two titans of Mexican cuisine, Garibaldi’s in Twin Falls and El Sombrero in Jerome secured the most votes of all the burritos in south-central Idaho.

This has been one for the ages, folks. This burrito bracket has witnessed burrito giants topple, heartwarming Cinderella stories and, most importantly, we’ve all eaten some pretty delicious burritos.

So, when my boss told me to try out the final two remaining burritos and be a part of this incredible tournament, it was hard to say no.

My first stop was Garibaldi’s.

Garibaldi's burrito

A Garibaldi's shredded beef burrito.

The server informed me that the burrito was the lunch special for the day, music to my frugal ears. I ordered the shredded beef burrito. The burrito had a mess of cheese on top of it and delicious juices pouring out of it. There was the classic side of beans and rice.

I dove into the beast of a meal. When you imagine the taste of a classic burrito, this is it. It’s safe. It’s reliable. There is something trustworthy about this meal. Never before has a burrito sounded so similar to a car commercial.

For dinner, I went to El Sombrero in Jerome. I wasn’t sure if my stomach could handle any more food. I asked the server what her recommendation was. She said that most people really enjoy the red burrito and carne asada, but she was a big fan of Shawn’s Burrito, a deep-fried burrito with chicken.

My indecisiveness resulted in me ordering both. As soon as I saw them, my stomach magically made some more room.

El Sombrero Burrito

El Sombrero's Red Burrito.

I tried the red burrito, which was an explosion of flavor I wasn’t expecting. The red sauce was fantastic, and certainly the most powerful flavor, but the carne asada was the real treat.

My final meal was the Shawn’s Burrito. Easily the least flashy of the burritos. After seeing the amalgamation of cheese, meat, tortilla, vegetables and sauces in the previous burritos, it was hard not to feel a little underwhelmed.

I took a bite and really focused on why, out of any burrito, was this one celebrated by my server. There was something wonderful and understated about the simple combination of chicken, cheese and sour cream in a deep-fried tortilla. It wasn’t flashy because it didn’t need to be. I wish that I could meet whoever this Shawn and pick his brain.

At the end of the day, my belly and appreciation for south-central Idaho burritos were bigger.

Be sure to vote for your favorite at

I know that no matter who wins, we all win. What a wonderful gift to live around so many restaurants that craft the most delicious of meals: the burrito.


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