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TWIN FALLS — Summer is almost over, but the season of music is almost here.

Rehearsals for the Magic Valley Symphony’s upcoming season has already begun. Rhythm of the Seasons starts at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 8 at the College of Southern Idaho Fine Arts Auditorium. Additional concerts are scheduled for Dec. 1 through 2, Feb. 23 and April 27.

The Magic Valley Symphony is volunteer musicians who perform simply for the love of the music. The group is led by Maestro Ted Hadley.

Bryar Abas started playing the violin with the Magic Valley Symphony in 2016. He’s been playing violin for 12 years. Originally from Kurdistan, Abas has lived in Twin Falls for two years. He learned of the community symphony after coming across it online.

“When I was a teenager, I chose the violin because all of my favorite singers and musicians were violinists,” Abas said. “Violin has such as a unique sound and also a very challenging instrument to learn.”

David Hamilton played French horn in high school and college, but plays string bass for the symphony. He’s been with the group off and on for about six years.

“I asked Ted Hadley if I could play something and he said string bass,” Hamilton said. “It’s spotty, shall we say. I’m a good musician, but I know what I can and can’t do. There is some stuff I encounter that is beyond my capability now.”

What makes the Magic Valley Symphony unique is that no one is a full-time musician, Hamilton said. Members are pediatric dentists, truck drivers, farmers, retired insurance agents and agricultural technicians.

“It’s all over the map,” he said. “It’s not like people are coming in there with music backgrounds. ...There are some that can walk in and play and the rest of us have to rehearse.”

Hamilton is an attorney and said getting to play with a group is a welcomed break from his every day work.

“It’s Ted’s instrument — the conductor’s instrument,” Hamilton said. “He is the one that makes it all work the way he wants it to work. Everyone is working toward that common goal. I’m an attorney and I deal with a lot of conflict and a lot of people are not working toward the same goal.”

Members of the Magic Valley Symphony play a wide variety of music from standard classical pieces to Avant-garde to pop music.

Doing music things for me, it’s a very satisfying experience,” Hamilton said. “You get really caught up in it and you can feel the music.”


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