The OutpostGenre: Action & AdventureRelease Date: 2020-07-03© © 2020 OUTPOST PRODUCTIONS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

LooperGenre: Action & AdventureRelease Date: 2012-09-28© © 2012 Looper Distribution, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Movie critic Bruce Miller says "Hamilton" really is that good. The original director, Thomas Kail, has preserved all the nuance theatergoers c…

Atomic BlondeGenre: Action & AdventureRelease Date: 2017-07-28© © 2017 Focus Features. All Rights Reserved.

Force of NatureGenre: Action & AdventureRelease Date: 2020-06-26© © 2020 Force of Nature Film, LLC, and FON Film Production, LLC. All Righ…

Sea Fever (2019)Genre: HorrorRelease Date: 2020-04-10© © 2019 Fantastic Films / Bright Pictures / Frakas Productions / Makar Productions

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Movie critic Bruce Miller says “Irresistible” shows just how manipulative political operatives can be. At a time when real strategists try to …

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