Jordan Thornquest plays music while the Magic Valley Young Professionals gather Oct. 13, 2017 at The Sandwich Company in downtown in Twin Falls.

TWIN FALLS — At the start of November, Jordan Thornquest set a daunting goal for himself: to produce his first album in a single month.

It was a task that would sound near-impossible to most. But the 21-year-old Twin Falls songwriter saw a short deadline as his best chance of finishing the job.

“I think what tends to stop any song I write is that I never think it’s good enough and I never want to share it,” he explained. “So I said, ‘I’m going to release something, I’m going to put it out, and it’s going to be done by this day.’”

The result of his month of hard work is Late Bloomer, the full version of which was released Friday. Track titles include “Man, Seeking Pity” and “Broken Brain,” both of which can be heard on Thornquest’s website.

“It’s not perfect,” he said of his album. “That’s what’s special about it to me personally.”

Themes of the album include “personal growth and imperfections with the way I view relationships,” according to Thornquest.

He didn’t originally plan for his first album to focus on his own vulnerabilities.

“I kind of wanted to start with my best foot forward, saying everything is ok,” he said. But “more than any other idea that I’ve put into music, it was the one that I think I connected to the most and the one that resonated the most.”

Thornquest hopes that others can relate to some of his own personal experiences that he sings about.

“I hope that anyone else who feels the same way I do, or who is going through the same thing I went through, will at least know that there is comfort in the fact that other people feel exactly what they feel,” he said.

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