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Company of Fools acting intensives will be offered in August, November and March.

HAILEY — As part of its longstanding commitment to theater education, Company of Fools will offer a series of three-day acting intensives at the Liberty Theater, 110 N. Main St.

The workshops will feature a range of skill-building opportunities for theater artists and performers.

The acting intensives line-up is as follows:

  • Aug. 23 to 25 — Shakespearean Analysis For Actors. Company of Fool’s producing artistic director Scott Palmer has more than 20 years’ experience with classical text, heightened language and Shakespearean verse. Participants will be asked to analyze 20 lines of Shakespearean iambic pentameter to mine the Bard’s verse for hints, clues and explosive insights into how to perform a Shakespearean play. All participants must memorize a minimum 20-line Shakespearean speech before the start of the workshop. Palmer will use his “10 Approaches To Verse” system which involves learning about scansion, literary and poetic devices and academic literary analysis to explore how heightened language text can be transformed by the actor in performance.
  • Nov. 8 to 10 — Restoration Comedy: Acting Styles. During his career, Palmer has directed more than a dozen Restoration-era comedies. As a physical acting style, Restoration Comedy is a challenging, intellectual and hyper-stylized approach to movement, interaction, tension, character and comedy. Participants will learn about the history of Restoration Comedy, gain skills for creating and performing physically demanding Restoration-era trope characters and examine the fast-paced, caustic wit of the great Restoration Comedy writers. All participants will be assigned characters in advance of the workshop and will be asked to memorize a short scene and work in teams for a final performance for the group.
  • March 12 to 14 — Improvisational Comedy with Andrew Beck of No Filter Improv. This workshop is an introduction to group and team improvisational comedy — covering spontaneity, group focus, ensemble building, narrative skills and how to identify and exploit patterns and connections between ideas that help create brilliant and hilarious improv comedy. Participants will learn basic and intermediate improv comedy skills including various comedy sports games that will be put on full display at a performance for the community. Beck, who has a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska and is a theater instructor at Oregon State University, is the artistic director of No-Filter Improv in Portland, Oregon.

The intensives are designed for adults and young adults who are interested in the workshop topics. Participants who put in a bit of time to prepare their homework will get the most out of the sessions. For details, go to sunvalleycenter.org“ target=”_blank”>sunvalleycenter.org.

Each three-day workshop is limited to 12 participants. The registration fee is $50. To register or for more information, call 208-726-9491 or go to sunvalleycenter.org.

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