'Called to Laugh'

"Called to Laugh" tells the discouraging lows and spiritual highs of missionary life.

“Called to Laugh: The Lighter Side of Missionary Life”

By: Bruce Dana and William Fortune

152 pages. Cedar Fort Publishing & Media. $13.99

“Called to Laugh: The Lighter Side of Missionary Life,” is a collaborative effort by Bruce Dana and cartoonist William Fortune. The 152 pages feature 86 anecdotes and 56 cartoons. The book explores the spiritual highs and discouraging lows of life as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Dana had missionaries tell him their experiences, which he edited to fit the structure of the book. The anecdotes range from a single sentence to the occasional three paragraph tale. The biggest draw of these short stories is the constant fish-out-of-water element.

The vignettes detail awkward encounters of navigating foreign countries and the exciting characters that are met along the way. But, these very brief stories are surface level. There isn’t incredible depth to the jokes, the people who are telling the stories or their experience serving as missionaries.

“Called to Laugh” is carried at Book Plaza in Burley and The Book Store and Office Supply in Rupert. It’s available at seagullbook.com.

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