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Art and Soul of the Magic Valley

Paige Morgan and her daughter Remi, 5, look at sculptor Jacob Novinger’s piece, ‘Aslan’ Monday, April 11, 2016, at Dunkley Music in Twin Falls. Novinger has entered the piece into the Art and Soul of the Magic Valley contest.

TWIN FALLS — As the art scene in the Magic Valley continues to grow, so too does the Art & Soul contest. 

The Magic Valley Arts Council’s eighth annual Art & Soul of Magic Valley started Friday and features artists representing 15 states and two countries in 99 businesses around the Magic Valley. Four years ago, the Art & Soul of Magic Valley had 147 artists. Now it has more than 300.

Out of those 300, 147 are from Idaho, and 63 are from Twin Falls.

“We see so many artists return because our community embraces this so greatly,” said Melissa Crane, marketing and sales director for the Magic Valley Arts Council.

The event runs through April 28 and engages the public to determine the winners by voting. The grand prize is $15,000, second place will receive $5,000, third place receives $2,500 and fourth wins $1,500.

For the youth category, student participants from kindergarten through 12th grade will win $300 for first place, $75 for second and $25 for third.

The key to helping your favorite piece of art win is by voting. Anyone 16 and older may register in person at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts. Voting ends April 28.

The Magic Valley Arts Council insists that people physically register to vote to maintain the integrity of the event, Crane said.

When the competition started mostly downtown businesses were the locations that hosted art. Now, the venues are spread into neighborhoods around Twin Falls. Places like Pizza Pie Cafe, Idaho Joes and many more will be hosting art. To see the art, visit the Twin Falls Center for the Arts for a complete list of locations or stop where you see a yellow Art & Soul flag. 


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