Ponderosa Paradise Music Festival

Jordan Thornquest performs some cover songs during a private concert Aug. 6 at Ponderosa Paradise music venue in Buhl.

TWIN FALLS — His exuberance can be startling to those who don’t know him.

Jordan Thornquest may well be the happiest guy in town.

The 20-year-old musician managed to sit still for an hour’s visit with the Times-News Thursday at Twin Beans Coffee, where he hosts and, perhaps unknowingly, entertains customers.

Happiness is a choice, Thornquest says, and he makes a conscious effort to be happy every day.

Thornquest’s joy in life is authentic, not forced. The smile on his face comes easily.

His goal in life is “to be a blessing to others,” he said. “I’ve been instilled with good values and those values hold a lot of weight.”

Thornquest fully invests himself in others, and he does it with passion.

“If you want to engage in someone, talk about what they want to talk about,” he said. “Then listen well.”

He’s fine-tuned those skills and now uses them to inspire other musicians. He wants to build the music culture in Twin Falls.

“I picked up my first electric guitar on June 19, 2010. It was my 14th birthday,” he said. Since then he has learned to play unplugged.

He’s started a music studio to record other musicians’ music as well as his own. He has produced and engineered an album for Mains and Monitors — “a great local band,” he said. He plans to release the album in a month or two.

Meanwhile, folks can find him working most days at the coffee house and evenings in his music studio. And watch for Thornquest’s upcoming performances in the Times-News’ entertainment calendar.

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