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TWIN FALLS — At Emma’s Café, a side-room market contains a display of colorfully packaged meats that could pique your curiosity.

The chicken sausage, staff member Samia Pendic will tell you, is similar to bologna and popular for making sandwiches. It’s one of the store’s top-selling items.

Smoked veal, skinless sausage and pickled cabbage are also on display, imported for Bosnian cooking. But if you’d prefer to try them out before you commit to taking some home, several are featured in the restaurant’s menu.

The southeastern European restaurant and market is known for bringing some new flavors to Twin Falls cuisine.

“I need diversity because I grew up with it,” said Gabrielle Burton, who moved to Twin Falls from Las Vegas.

She came across the café at 669 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. because she works nearby. Now, she’s in love with the restaurant’s cabbage rolls, which are made largely of imported ingredients (except for American beef — plus a sprig of parsley from owner Eschef Jasarevic‘s garden).

Burton isn’t alone. The rolls are also a favorite of Twin Falls resident Rick Beem, who stopped in for lunch on Friday.

“I’m just into the food scene,” he said.

But the cold meats sampler plate is Neil Silveira’s usual order when he comes to Emma’s Café with his girlfriend. Silveira grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and is also accustomed to eating a variety of international cuisines.

The cold sampler plate is $10 for a selection of smoked beef and sausage with feta cheese.

“It’s a good shareable item, too,” Silveira said. “It’s definitely worth it.”

There’s also a Bosnian mix plate of hot sausages — $15 for a half order, or $25 for a full order.

While you’re eating, you’re likely to be entertained by the owner as he jokes around with customers. Jasarevic is from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and he cooks most everything on the menu himself. He opened the restaurant three years ago, naming it after his newborn daughter, Emma.

Silveira discovered the restaurant while browsing through reviews on Yelp. As of Monday, Emma’s Café had five stars, out of 64 reviews.

“You very rarely see that many reviews and five stars,” he said. “It’s a hidden little treasure here.”


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