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Our View: Don't mess with whooping cough or other preventable diseases. Vaccinate your children.

A student in the Wendell School District was diagnosed this week with pertussis, better known as whooping cough. It was the first case of t… Read more

Letter: Diverse boards make better decisions

I was stunned to find out that the IdaCorp/Idaho Power CEO’s compensation rose from $436,538 in 2006 to a combined $2,139,246 cash and $1,7… Read more

Letters of Thanks: To donations made to homeless assistance

TFSD thanks Twin Falls Read more

Our View: Cheers and Jeers: To Shoshone School District, Paulette Jordan and school security

Cheer Read more

Our View: Have some thoughts about the future of Twin Falls? Join us on Friday.

Our 10-part Big Story series on growth in the Magic Valley is officially over, but the region continues to grow every day. Read more

Letter: Vote Stennett, Toone and Davis for statehouse

Vote Stennett, Toone and Davis for statehouse Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

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Stapilus: When politics become personal

Hang around political people long enough, and you’ll become struck by how personal much of it is. Personal relationships matter a lot in pl… Read more

E-cigarette manufacturers target children

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration described teenage e-cigarette use as an “epidemic,” echoing the firsthand observations of teach… Read more

Other View: Jeff Bezos is what democracy needs right now

The response to Jeff Bezos’s announcement of a $2 billion fund to create preschools and help homeless families has been muted if not skepti… Read more

Other View: Why are US companies working for a Chinese firm that's implicated in ethnic cleansing?

Chinese tech giant Hikvision, which supplies surveillance cameras to China’s concentration camps, gets a lot of help from its American frie… Read more

Reader Comment: Support sportsmen's access on national hunting and fishing day

Many of you have probably not heard of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). It’s not a subject that gets a lot of press even though… Read more

Other View: Protect the right to speak against Israel

Campus fights about free speech and censorship tend to devolve into rage-filled deadlocks pitting “intolerance” against “political correctn… Read more

Other View: How will McConnell play this hand?

Every chip in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s pile has been shoved into the center of the table. His high-stakes gamble for conser… Read more

Enrollment flat at CSI's main campus, but other facilities seeing more students this year


BURLEY — This fall, the College of Southern Idaho’s off-campus centers are enrolling more degree-se… Read more