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Letter: Petition lawmakers to keep nuclear waste out of Idaho

In 2015, Govs. Phil Batt and Cecil Andrus came out of retirement to fight for Idaho and Idahoans. The worthy cause was nuclear waste. Read more

Letter: Congress should confront President Trump with facts

Our president met with our oldest enemy on July 16. He says that Russia is not our enemy but is our competitor. He met with Mr. Putin in se… Read more

Letter: Thank you for finally paying attention to Idaho's first responders

This is in response to Mat Erpelding's piece on "Stand Up For Idaho's First Responders." Somebody is finally paying attention. The stats th… Read more

Letter: Don't let Idaho become a nuclear waste dump

When I discussed the proposed shipments of nuclear waste from Hanford, Wash., to the Idaho National Laboratory with Rep. Mike Simpson recen… Read more

Letter: Enjoy music in Twin Falls city park

Another year of music in the city park is underway. The Twin Falls Municipal Band has performed for 113 years and is the oldest continually… Read more

Letter: Even after Independence Day, we should recognize our rights

Independence Day celebrations are over, but we should realize how blessed we are to have the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration s… Read more


Other View: Too little, too late, Trump

This appeared in Wednesday’s Washington Post. Read more

Commentary: A message for an anti-Muslim mayor

Dear Hagerstown mayor Robert Bruchey II: Recently, you wrote on your Facebook page that you didn't blame President Donald Trump for canceling a January trip to London, and you posted a picture of London's mayor, the first Muslim elected to the post, followed by this comment: "Who would want to visit with this terrorist leading London." So, you inherently associate Muslims with terrorists. Not ... Read more

10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more

Commentary: Profiles in GOP cowardice

Only a handful of prominent Republicans have been brave enough to condemn President Trump head-on for his shameful announcement that he trusts the word of Vladimir Putin, who says Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election, over that of the U.S. intelligence community. (A day later, Trump tried to backpedal, but his "clarification" wasn't entirely convincing.) "No prior president has ever ... Read more

Commentary: Term limits could fix the dysfunction around Supreme Court confirmations

Before nominating 53-year-old Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump expressed a hope that his pick would serve for 40 to 45 years. That was wishful thinking: The longest-serving justice in history, William O. Douglas, lasted over 36 years but was so obviously incompetent toward the end that his colleagues conspired to decide no closely contested cases until he stepped ... Read more

Commentary: Lady Liberty's radical history

At a time when immigration and indeed the very nature of America's heritage is being reexamined, it is worth considering the history of one of America's greatest icons: the Statue of Liberty. Images of the statue are so ubiquitous that it is tempting to take her for granted. But Lady Liberty, as we now call her, is quite a radical creation, both visually and conceptually. She does not carry ... Read more

Commentary: Will we care about genes at all in 100 years?

Genes are our modern idiom for itemizing life's variety and explaining human nature. We say there are genes for intelligence and shyness, genes for aggressiveness and maternal love. Researchers get billions from government agencies to carry out "genome-wide association studies" that promise to wrestle down and eventually vanquish disease. Like the atom in physics, the gene is a building block ... Read more

Idaho View: Idaho's GOP wants to make city elections partisan. They should be careful what they wish for.

This ran in Sunday’s Lewiston Tribune: Read more

Birthday: Jon Lovitz


Comedian Jon Lovitz is 61.  Read more