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Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice: Here's where to find local lattes and more

Sometimes I think that this is a pumpkin spice world and I’m just living in it. Read more

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Richfield man charged with meth trafficking after Twin Falls traffic stop

TWIN FALLS — A Richfield man has been charged with meth trafficking after a traffic stop in Twin Falls. Read more

Twin Falls man accused of beating woman with shotgun bound over to district court

TWIN FALLS — A Twin Falls man accused of drunkenly hitting a woman with the butt of a shotgun and threatening to kill several others waived his right to a preliminary hearing Monday morning. Read more

Police: Twin Falls man set own car on fire

TWIN FALLS — A Twin Falls man has been charged with first-degree arson after police said he set his own car on fire. Read more

Anatomy of a Canyon

At the north end of Twin Falls, a fascinating mixture of industry and recreation shares the Snake River Canyon bottom. An observer on the canyon rim also looks down on a wildlife haven, historical remnants of mining and homesteading and the evidence… Read more



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