Classifieds and Legals

Tammy Parker Employment & Classifieds 208-735-3276
Jenny Green Employment & Classifieds 208-735-3253
Ruby Aufderheide Obituary and Legal Notices 208-735-3324


Drew Nash Chief Photographer 208-735-3251
Pat Sutphin Photographer 208-735-3252

Advertising and Sales

LeeAnn Cline Senior Account Executive 208-735-3312
Donald Chandler Sales Executive 208-735-3261
Sonya Moon Mini-Cassia Sales Executive 208-678-2145
Amy Packham Real Estate and Inside Sales 208-735-3222
Lana Hepworth Retail Advertising Account Manager 208-735-3219
Sherri Davis Advertising Administrative Assistant 208-735-3270
Susan Nickell Marketing & Events 208-735-3212
Reba Davis Advertising Support 208-735-3215


Alison Smith Editor 208-735-3255
Kyle Hansen Managing, Digital Editor 208-735-3265
Mychel Matthews Agriculture and Rural Issues Reporter, History Columnist 208-735-3233
Laurie Welch Mini-Cassia Reporter, Voice Editor 208-677-5025
Ryan Blake Government and Education Reporter 208-735-3239
Colin Tiernan Business Reporter 208-735-3234
Jonathan Ingraham Design Liaison, Outdoors Writer 208-735-3246
Ramona Jones News Clerk, Calendar, Librarian 208-735-3262
Diane Philbin Sports Clerk 208-735-3288


Matt Sandberg Publisher 208-735-3345
Russ Davis Circulation Director 208-735-3327
Alison Smith Editor 208-735-3255
Debi Perkins Advertising Director 208-735-3208
Jerry Johns Operations Director 208-420-1496
Matthew Gooch IT and Digital Specialist (208)735-3299

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