Summer has flown by and as you read this some of your children, or grandchildren, will have already had their first day of school. You remember those days don’t you? That first day each year, even in high school there was a certain excitement and optimism about what the New Year will bring. A chance to start over, try again to do better, and of course finally getting to wear your first day clothes.

There is the other side too, when you meet your teacher that has a reputation for being strict, or the fact that you have to face another year of math that you just didn’t quite get last year. Each of us has memories, some good some not so good, of our days in school.

As a parent or grandparent I hope you realize the role you play in whether our students have a good day or not. Our bus drivers will meet many of our students, your children, before 7 a.m. the morning in order to make the rounds to pick up everyone on their route. Hopefully your child will have had breakfast, but if not they can get breakfast at school. Did they get a good night’s sleep? I know when we had children at home we usually moved their bedtime earlier the week before school started so they could adjust and get the rest they needed before getting up for school.

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And it’s not just getting them to school, but helping them have a positive attitude toward school and taking the time to come in and meet their teachers, so that effective channels of communication can be established. Please know that we take the education and safety of your children very seriously.

We are grateful for the trust you place in our staff. And remember, if you have concerns about what is happening at school please contact your child’s teacher or the building principal. If you feel that your concern has not been resolved after a reasonable amount of time you are certainly welcome to contact me. My office number is 208-436-4727 and my email is kcox@minidokaschools.org.

To our students I want to say “Welcome back, let’s have a great year!”

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Ken Cox is the superintendent at Minidoka County School District


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