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BURLEY — Two local women are accused of entering a home, using a stun gun on a woman and then kicking and hitting her.

Berenice Moreno, 21, and Autumn Dawn Garcia, 26, both of Burley, are charged with felony counts of aggravated battery, burglary and criminal conspiracy. Garcia is also charged with felony intimidating a witness.

Cassia County Sheriff deputies responded to a 911 call Wednesday at a rural residence southeast of Burley, and found a man and a woman in the driveway at the front of the house, court records said. The woman was in an “agitated state and crying.”

The woman told officers that she was inside the house when Moreno and Garcia, along with two other women and two men, entered the house and shot her with a stun gun, the court documents say. They started hitting and kicking her while she was on the ground.

One of the men, she said, had a collapsible baton, but didn’t hit her with it.

The man said he told the group they couldn’t enter the house but they ignored him and went inside anyway, court records say. He saw Garcia kicking the woman as the others in the group were calling to her saying they needed to leave because they thought the woman had called police.

Deputies said the woman had red marks and scratches on her body and head. The stun gun that was used was found inside the house.

When arrested, Garcia told officers she drove the group to the house but claimed she never hit the woman, according to court records. She said one of the men punched the woman five or six times and then started to kick her.

Officers found a baton in Garcia’s vehicle.

Garcia told police the attack was suggested by one of the men in the group who thought the woman had stolen items from his vehicle when she borrowed it the night before.

The woman gave officers text messages between Garcia and herself written after the attack.

In the messages, Garcia asked the woman to go to the police station with her so she wouldn’t go to jail and thanked her for not telling the police who had hit her, records say.

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