BURLEY — A man was arrested in town Nov. 17 after three people said he pulled a gun on them.

Jose Terrones-Linares, 27, was charged with three counts of felony aggravated assault with enhancement charges for using a gun to commit aggravated assault.

The three witnesses said Terrones-Linares pulled a gun on them and “cocked it,” and they were all afraid for their lives, court records said.

Terrones-Linares was arraigned Monday in Cassia County Magistrate Court.

Cassia County Sheriff deputies were called to the area around the Superior Convention Center on Oakley Avenue for a man with a gun. The man was headed north, court records said.

A deputy saw the shadow of a man running down the 900 block of Miller Avenue and between two houses on that block. When the officer drove around the corner and got out of his car, he heard rustling leaves, then saw Terrones-Linares run away, court records said.

Eventually, police found Terrones-Linares hiding near a car. He put his hands up, but police said he refused to get down on the ground. Officers physically forced Terrones-Linares to the ground and put handcuffs on him.

A preliminary hearing is set for Nov. 29 in Cassia County Magistrate Court.

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