BURLEY — A woman was charged with aggravated assault after she pulled a handgun on a group of fighting juveniles, police said.

Sasha D. Martinez, 33, of Burley, was charged after Cassia County Sheriff detectives were called on April 29 to the felony probation office in Burley to view a video of the incident. The video showed two youth fighting and several others standing around in the 1600 block of Occidental Ave, according to court documents.

Near the end of the fight, Martinez retrieved a black handgun and held it in what appeared to be “a low ready position,” detectives said. She later shifted the gun into one hand and pointed it toward the youth.

As the juveniles saw the gun “they quickly stopped fighting and postured themselves as if they were afraid,” according to court records. The youth then quickly began leaving the area.

Martinez is on felony probation and is not allowed to have a firearm, detectives said.

When detectives searched Martinez’s house, they found a handgun matching the description of the gun pointed at the juveniles.

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