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BURLEY — An employee at a local auto dealership was charged after deputies said he borrowed a pickup from the company to move and then failed to return the truck.

Mykal M. Torrez, 25, of Burley is charged with felony counts of grand theft, burglary and criminal conspiracy.

He was arrested on a warrant and arraigned Wednesday in Cassia County Magistrate Court.

In October, Cassia County Sheriff officers found a 2018 silver Chevrolet pickup with a dealer license plate registered to Young Power Sports in the garage of a rural Cassia County house. Officials were led there by a man who uses the house on a temporary basis as part of a work arrangement.

Witnesses said they had seen the pickup near the house the previous day.

When deputies spoke with the dealership representatives they said Torrez had borrowed the pickup from the company a week earlier and he failed to return it. They also said they could not get in touch with him for five days afterward. When they finally reached him, they told Torrez to return the pickup or they would press charges against him.

A tow truck was used to return the pickup to the dealership. Officers were called to the dealership afterward when employees noticed personal items, including toiletries, clothing and household items, along with a rifle in the truck.

The sheriff’s office took the identifiable items as evidence and the dealership said it would temporarily store the other items. After viewing the truck in better lighting, deputies said it had numerous scrapes and scratches in the paint.

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