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New, improved, still golden: north Burley McDonald's torn down for rebuild
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New, improved, still golden: north Burley McDonald's torn down for rebuild

McDonald's demolition

The North Burley McDonalds was demolished last week and a new McDonald's restaurant will be built on the property.

BURLEY — McDonald’s lovers may have been alarmed when the chain’s restaurant in north Burley was torn down last week, but it will soon be replaced with a new, improved restaurant.

The Bill and Donna Kyle family owns 11 McDonald’s across the Magic Valley and, in 2016, rebuilt their first McDonald’s Blue Lakes Boulevard North in Twin Falls. This will be the second restaurant to undergo the transition, said Darren Kyle, Bill and Donna’s son.

The Burley restaurant opened its doors in 1979.

According to the city of Burley construction permit, the building is valued at nearly $2.16 million.

“The company rebuilding here definitely means they’re here to stay,” said Doug Manning, Burley economic development director. “And with the new facility, I think they will see an increase in business over time.”

It’s good business, he said, to keep buildings looking good and to modernize.

“I think with all the state-of-the-art equipment that will be installed, people will be impressed,” Manning said.

The old building underwent demolition last week and the company anticipates opening the new restaurant in June, Kyle said.

McDonald's demolition

The Burley McDonald's, which opened in 1979, was demolished to make way for a new restaurant.

“It will all be brand new with a new indoor play area,” he said.

The plans include self-order kiosks and a side-by-side drive-through.

Some people grumble over the self-order kiosks because they think it takes away jobs, Kyle said. But the kiosks will “redeploy the labor to where it’s needed, which is in the kitchen.”

“It will look very similar to the Blue Lakes location,” he said.

The Burley restaurant had about 45 employees when it closed and will add another 20 employees to that number when it reopens.

Existing staff were given the option of taking temporary positions at Twin Falls locations or collecting unemployment until they are recalled.

They will be called back to work about four to six weeks before the restaurant opens because staff will need to be trained on the new equipment.

The restaurant will be built on the same footprint as the old one, he said, but will include new landscaping and decor along with innovative equipment that includes new ovens that heat more than just baked goods. The new ovens, which have moisture control features, can also be used for foods like eggs and bacon.

“They’re very sophisticated,” Kyle said.

The kitchen will also be reconfigured for efficiency and have multi-point prep to accommodate today’s custom orders.

“When we first opened, people would come in and order a hamburger and they were all made the same way,” Kyle said, but that’s no longer the case.

A lot has changed since 1973 when the family opened their first McDonald’s on Blue Lakes, he said.

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