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Burley man’s window tint shop finds success

Burley man’s window tint shop finds success


Damian D. Rodriguez is the public relations manager for Voz Latina KBWE 91.9 FM, in Burley.

BURLEY — In 1980, Jesus Ortiz was reluctant to leave his beloved home of Jalisco, Mexico. Things were not good in Mexico, and he needed to find a better life himself and his family.

“Nobody wants to leave their country, but I had to,” said Jesus Ortiz.

He has owned The Tint Shop, 900 Occidental Ave. since 2008.

“I’m not in competition with anybody or other shops. I’m just a worker trying to do the best job possible and make an honest living,” he said.

After leaving Mexico, he moved to Van Nuys, California. He found employment with Easton Sports, Inc., a privately owned Van Nuys, California-based manufacturer of sports equipment. The company had been a consistent innovator, primarily in its use of aluminum in its products. Easton designs and manufactures archery equipment, baseball and softball bats, hockey stick shafts and blades, and hockey skate blades. It also makes tent tubes and bicycle components.

Ortiz was promoted to the position of supervisor with Easton Co. There were over 800 employees at the time. He loved his job. When the Twin Towers fell in New York, the economy suffered for a while. Layoffs began. He had bills to pay and the cost of living was high in California.

His brother-in law, Manuel Garcia, told him to come to Idaho. He would hire him to work at his windshield and chip repair shop. So, in 2003, he moved to Blackfoot, Idaho, with his wife and three children and he worked for his brother-in-law for five years.

His brother-in-law saw that he did a good job with chips and replacement windows, and suggested he should open up his own windshield and chip repair shop.

“The only catch was that he didn’t want me to open up shop in Blackfoot, said Ortiz.

Ortiz said he had a customer from Burley who would take his trucks and car all the way to Blackfoot to repair the windshields.

“I was hesitant, because there were already three other windshield shops in the Burley area,” he said.

Three shops are about right for a small area, he said.

The customer told him that he did great work, and took pride in his job and said Burley needed him. After much thought, he decided to give it a try.

After the money was saved up, and the right location was found—he started his business – The Tint Shop.

He purchased the building and they specialize in windshield replacement, professional window tinting, rock chip repair, and window regulators for autos and trucks

It turned out to be one of his best decisions, he said.

“I am blessed. My business has grown, and exceeded my expectations,” Ortiz said.

His son, Jessie Ortiz, has his own Tint Shop Five in Twin Falls. There are now six Tint Shops in Idaho. All are family owned.

“We try and keep up with the latest technology and safety recommendations,” said Ortiz’s youngest son, Adam Ortiz, who works with his father. “As of now, we are the only shop that can tint windows. The other shops send referrals to us. Local car dealers also take their cars to the Tint Shop window repair.”

Business at The Tint Shop has grown and the shop is looking for help and is willing to teach workers the trade.


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