HEYBURN — The city presented Gossner Foods cheese plant with $75,000 this week for an energy-saving upgrade at the plant.

The money came from Bonneville Power Administration’s Energy Smart Industrial Program incentives fund.

The plant installed a new refrigeration condenser this summer to supplement existing ones.

“It allows them to run more efficiently,” the BPA’s Nosh Makujina said.

After the improvements were completed, BPA went to the facility to conduct a review to determine how much energy is being saved, Makujina said. The project will save the company 325,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Plant manager Brian Wilson said the company would not have done the project without the grant.

“For us it means the opportunity to continue growing,” Wilson said. “It helps with energy efficiency and that provides for potential expansion in the future.”

The BPA’s Mary Beth Evans said the funds are offered in a pool to Heyburn customers and can be accessed for both residential and commercial use.

Pamphlets explaining the program are available at City Hall, 941 18th St.

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