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Minidoka Memorial Hospital

Jennifer Simcoe , registered nurse, right, and Tonya Marie, certified nurses aid and ward clerk, work May 11, 2018 at Minidoka Memorial Hospital.

RUPERT — Minidoka Memorial Hospital received a new quality-based accreditation from DNV GL Healthcare.

Through the accreditation process, the hospital demonstrated that it meets or exceeds patient safety standards from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS.)

“It’s a big deal,” hospital administrator Tom Murphy said. “It’s really a step above and it shows that we take quality and safety seriously and go the extra mile.”

Through the two-year process, the hospital had to make sure all of its policies, procedures and bylaws were in shape, he said.

“We really streamlined information,” said Laura Clark, accreditation specialist for the hospital. “I’m really proud; it was a good experience and the staff would tell you the same thing.”

The system encourages hospitals to openly share information across departments and to improve clinical workflows and safety protocols.

“We invite them to come in and help us identify areas for improvement,” Murphy said.

CMS, he said, surveys hospitals for compliance in Idaho every eight to 10 years and DNV GL will survey the hospital annually.

Because of the annual review, the hospital will always be “survey ready,” he said.

The DNV GL surveyors are experts in the field and “come with a wealth of knowledge,” he said.

Only a handful of critical-care hospitals in the state have the accreditation with more coming on board all the time, Murphy said.

“We have taken an entirely different approach to accreditation, and hospitals are really responding,” DNV GL Healthcare CEO Patrick Horine, said in a statement. “Since accreditation is a must-have credential for just about every hospital in this country, why not make it more valuable, and get more out of it? That’s where ISO 9001 comes into play and turns the typical get-your-ticket-punched accreditation exercise into a quality transformation.”

A big component was the addition of new software.

“We put money and resources into getting this accreditation and we believe it will provide better quality care,” Murphy said.

The hospital also received accreditation for home sleep testing in January from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

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